SXSW recap and related events


Hard to believe, but a quarter of this year has already passed, and with that quite a few things have taken place. Clarice and I celebrated our birthdays with some good friends at Flying Saucer this year. It was chill, it was fun, and it was easy. With this said we are way overdue for a house party, but this years is already looking super packed - more on this next time.

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Ireland / England Pictures and Travel Recap

London from one of the many bridges

After a long delay in posting new pictures, the ones from Ireland and England are finally up. There are a lot more than I remember taking, and even after eliminating a lot of the ones which were either duplicates, out of focus, or let’s say not exactly appropriate for the Internet, there still seem to be about 300 or so remaining. Anyhow, rather than commenting them all, what follows is a little guide to give you a general idea about what you are looking at while browsing through the pictures. As always, to view the pictures you need to login, or create an account if you have not already done so - Sorry, but I’m not a fan of hosting my pictures on social networking sites or having them indexed by search engines.

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holiday plans and beyond

travel map

The last couple of months have been busy for various reasons and quite stressful at times, but with the holidays around the corner it is time to put together a preliminary schedule for the next few weeks, and well, for a few months beyond that. First there is of course the annual bajkowski Christmas party this coming weekend which will be a blast as always. In addition, expect to see me bumming around Atlanta beginning later this week hitting up some of my favorite joints - those that are still around that is. Next stop after Christmas will be some skiing and snowboarding up in Park City, Utah over New Years. I’ve skied the Salt Lake City area quite a bit with my buddy Alessandro a couple years ago, this time around I’ll try my best not to take out any people while flying down the slopes in Park City. We have a fantastic group of people heading out there and I’m sure it will be a super time. We haven’t put any plans in motion for the actual New Year’s Eve per se, but all the major blocks including flights, hotel and lift tickets are in place. It will be a cold one, but it will be a blast.

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