Google App Engine

I decided there were simply too many different interests represented on this site. I would prefer to be mostly a personal site, and to keep my business interest separate.. As such, I’ve created a separate site for MB Ventures, the company under which I do most of my business, at It will focus exclusively on my business interests and endeavors. It is very basic to say the least, but feel free to check it out and give me your feedback. On the development side of things, while I predominantly tend to develop using Joomla when it comes to web-sites, is my first foray into using the Google App Engine. The content management system (CMS) which I chose to utilize for the site is Vosao. It is vastly different from Joomla and a little bit rough around the edges to say the least, but eventually I did learn to appreciate some of the flexibility which it offers. It still has quite a few bugs, and on many an occasion I had to hack a few things here or there to get things to work properly - but overall the CMS has quite a bit of potential. Hopefully the developers will continue moving it forward as it has been quite a while since the last release. It is open-source, and trying it out using a free Google App Engine account won’t cost you a dime, so give it a shot if you feel adventurous.

So what’s next for I would like to upgrade the site to a newer version of Joomla, something in the 2.5.x tree, and update my Menalto Gallery to a newer version as well. The problem? The Menalto Gallery is not a native Joomla component, and as such requires a bridge to enable it to work in Joomla. Sadly, no bridge has been developed for the latest version of the Menalto Gallery to make it work within the latest Joomla releases - and although I have searched far and wide, it does not appear that anyone is working on it either. Migrating to a native Joomla picture gallery does not exactly seem straightforward either for such a large collection. I may just upgrade the site and keep the gallery as is, although it would be nice to upgrade both. Of course, when either of these might happen is a different story as I’ve been working insane hours as of late!