a few flick reviews


Well, before I get to the movies, it turns out that in my last post I might have missed a few trips. First, we’ll be heading to San Francisco in late February for a few days, initially to explore the city and hang out, and after that I’ll be sticking around a few more days for the ISSCC conference. Then there is a good chance that at some point this year we'll be up in New York for a few days as well but the details remain to be finalized. And last but not least, there might also be a little trip to Indianapolis as well - never been there, but I do hear it is a rather lovely place. Yes, the schedule is already packed, and it only is January! All right, enough about travel plans and on to the movies, for it seems that somehow I do manage to find the time to squeeze in a few here and there. The movies below are in alphabetical order with my short take on each of them - take a glance, there might be one here or there which might peek your interest:

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